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Christmas Dinner

Psychic Reading Parties

Make your next party or event a memorable one with psychic readings! I offer fun, insightful, and accurate readings that will leave your guests feeling gratified and entertained. With added healing services,  psychic readings are the perfect way to add some extra magic to your event.  I can offer a group session or 1:1 readings.  We'll make a plan that will work best for your event!


Party Decorations

Call 510-220-2241!

House Cleansings

Fun at Home

     My clients come to me for a variety of reasons, but a lot of them are looking to create a more balanced and peaceful environment in their homes. I'm passionate about helping them achieve this and look forward to continuing to work with clients to create a more harmonious energy in their homes. Energy can stagnate in a home. It can be left there by previous owners or from a challenging time you have been through. When that exists this can cause disharmony among you and your family.

I offer an effective and holistic approach to releasing any stagnation and negativity from your home and inviting more positive energy in. 

This can be done virtually through a house reading.  If you are local this can be done in person with a reading or a cleansing salt ceremony

 This ceremony allows me to clear the energy of the space, using a combination of salt and other natural elements to purify and cleanse the area. You are also able to participate in clearing the energy with me!


Meditating in Backyard

Private Meditation Classes

Private meditation classes provide an intimate and supportive environment to help you relax and deepen your meditation practice. you will be guided through a tailored program designed to support your individual goals.


They will help you find clarity, peace, and balance in your life. This is perfect for couples or a group of friends or a business.   I've even offered these at weddings for the wedding party!

These are mostly Virtual but if you live in Central Oregon, I'm happy to come to you!


I met Cathleen over 5 years ago and have gone to her several times for healing and learning.  

If you are ready for your life to change, Cathleen is the person to go to!

I just completed her course in Level I Intuition as well as a workshop on Accessing your Akashic Records.  All I can say is Wow!!  Her teachings have helped me grow in my spirituality and given me the tools to create balance and find clarity in my life.


I am deeply appreciative of Cathleen's invaluable skills and gifts, which she employs with integrity, humor and sincerity.  


Liz P.  (Walnut Creek)

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