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Living to Help & Heal

As an intuit, my path has been a long and difficult winding road. The natural deep sensitivity I have towards the realm of energy was something I struggled with from a very early age. 


By the time I was twelve I had developed a drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse became the way for me to block out the overwhelm I experienced in this sensitivity... it became a way to stop feeling everything

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At the age of 19 I moved from Philadelphia to California. I could not hold down a job, or take care of myself. I was living in total poverty in mind, body, and spirit. I made a series of poor choices during this time and ended up in abusive relationships. I was totally disconnected to any sense of God or Higher Power. I was totally disconnected to the source of everything I feel now. 


At the age of 22 I knew I needed help. I knew I needed to get off of the self-destructive path I was living and became desperate for a change. This profound desire led me to start the practice of intuitive readings and healings, a practice that resonated deeply within what I had always felt really existed. I thrived in this work and eventually began teaching these skills to others. The gift of these practices became the seeds of a new growth within me for which I found everything I needed to help others and turn my life around.


Fast forward a few decades and I am a strong, confident, sober woman for over 30 years! I am in touch with my own divinity and embrace that sensitivity as it is now my greatest gift. I have a healthy and loving marriage, great friends, and a rewarding vocation.



“It was through Cathleen's class that I was able to step even more into my own power, into following my own intuition even better. Learning more tools to connect with myself and become a stronger practitioner and step into my roll of guiding others. Not only was the coursework helpful, connecting with her and the other women each week was ​pure magic. I look forward to working with Cathleen in the future and growing even more through her guidance.”


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