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Christ Consciousness

Updated: May 4, 2022

I love Jesus. In my experience, the Bible has helped to heal me on so many levels. I've learned that Christ Consciousness is understanding our spiritual nature. The qualities are love, compassion, forgiveness, and truth.

Through the years, most likely with the best intentions, rules and regulations were made about what God is in every religion. These beliefs have caused so much pain in the world. When caught up, one becomes self-righteous, feeling they are right and others are wrong for who there are and what their belief is.

I've worked with so many people of different spiritual beliefs and religions. Every person has the same light in them, that purity of spirit. This is what Christ came to demonstrate to mankind. My joy is to show them how much they are loved in this pure light. This helps them to un -condition the rules that keep their hearts separate from the Creator of all things. We are all united in spirit and deeply loved by the Creator of all.

Christ came to bring freedom and healing. In His life and death, he freed everyone from dogma. He wasn't here to change the world but to show how we can live in spiritual freedom amongst the insanity. No one can take that power away from you.

The world is in pain right now, we are all in pain, take a moment to tune into that light within you. Tune into Divine love. This does not mean you need to follow any specific religion, just tune into the light within and it will help you to make sense of who you are. Talk to God within, ask for guidance.

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