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Matters Of the Heart

With Valentines Day coming around the corner, If you are like me, relationship issues come to the surface. Pain and shame if you don't have one, issues if you do have one, and expectations placed on us to get the perfect gift for our significant other. The flower and jewelry markets have a heyday.

I spent a lot of years trying to find my perfect man, feeling if I found him then all would be good and I would be happy. Nothing is further from the truth. Nothing outside of us can make us happy. The more I tried to complete myself with a man the less I was myself. With my focus on finding this perfect man, I ran to men that were no good for me at all. This ended up in more pain and self-hatred.

We all have deep patterns of seeking love outside ourselves, it is part of the human condition. Fortunately, there is an answer. Learn about your spirituality, that you are a spiritual being. With that awareness, you start to activate your heavenly information. That you actually are whole, healed, and a ray of light of Our Creator. Leaning on that truth brings you deep peace in your heart and stops the hamster wheel of seeking love.

You can start by closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, and asking Our Creator within you to show you a new way. Everyone has their own personal walk in the light and finding yours can be so fulfilling! Once I did this, my life changed. I found deep peace inside and from there, I attracted a wonderful husband because I felt complete within myself.

Maybe this year is your year to approach life in a different and more fulling way!

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