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Transformed - My Magical Journey


I returned from my dream trip to Ireland and England a week or so ago.  Visiting these places has been on my bucket list for years.

This trip turned into a profound spiritual pilgrimage providing more healing and clarity than I could have expected.

Both places are so rich energetically and the "veil is thin" meaning tuning into the spirit world is the more attainable and "commonplace"

Ireland was astounding with its beauty and its power. I lay on the ground to feel the wonderful healing vibrations every place I went. I felt deeply held by the earth and the cosmos.  

I also spend a day there with Tonja Reichley who teaches about herbs and Irish Wisdom. We went to sacred wells and sacred sites. I found myself so in tune with the souls of the women who used to watch over the wells and use them for healing purposes. In that, I was able to tune into my own woman and female magic in a whole new way. I felt as if every fiber of my being was being energized and restored. We also leaned into the healing power of Saint Brighid who is very honored in Ireland (and England). 

In England, I went to Avebury, Stonehenge, and Glastonbury, also referred to as Avalon. Avalon is the energetic part of Glastonbury, and the energy is so powerful there. There are more sacred wells and healing places.  I spent time with a Shaman, Jeremy White, who took me to wonderful energetic places on the way to Glastonbury Tor/ We also did a vision quest in the apple orchard right below the Tor.   

There I tuned into the "Ladies of Avalon."  These are also historically powerful healers connected to the Glastonbury areas. He mentioned that these were similar to the ladies Whom I had tuned into in Ireland.  

So again, magical women who were prominent in healing through time. There were times of great freedom as well as great suppression over history for these women.

This is just a tiny part of everything that went on for me and I've been sorting it all out.  I wanted to share how free I feel as a woman, it seems like the historical ties that bound my female energy were healed so I could be more of myself and step into my spiritual gifts in a new way! 

Though my journey was about learning more about my female power, I love men and want to be sure that I relay that becoming more empowered as a woman does not mean we have to put men down.  The more healed we are the more we see the gift both men and women are in this world.

I'm inspired to offer a special reading for both my male and female clients as well as those who identify with one or the other.

I would love to share the healing I received. This reading will tune into your energy and where you don't feel free. 

These are areas of shame, guilt, grief, feeling like you are not good enough, and being stuck in past relationships. All of those fun things! 

 I encourage you to check out both Tonja and Jeremy's sites if you plan to go to these places. They also do online offerings!!

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