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You are Greater Than you Think!

I've been an intuitive reader and healer for many years now. A lot of people think things like energy healing, meditation, and psychic readings are only for fun. I've found these skills are fun, yes, but also to be very beneficial in my life. Understanding myself spiritually has made my life so deeply satisfying.

It all starts with understanding who you truly are. You are so much more than your body, thoughts and emotions. You are a spiritual being. All you have to do to see that is close your eyes down, breathe, calm yourself, then just notice that you have all sorts of things going on in your mind and body. You are seeing them though; you are the watcher the inspiration behind your existence.

We forget about our true identity and feel small or insignificant. There is only one of you with all of your unique talents. Today, imagine your greatness instead of what you see as failures. You bring so much to the table every day. It takes some practice but if you decide to tune into your true self every day, you will see many changes.

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