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Live your Magic!!
Intuition and Life Training

Refine Your Ability to Tap Into a Whole New Reality Designed to Serve You & Others

Oct 2 - March 26th
2 classes per month
Wednesday's 7:00 PM PT

During a recent spiritual pilgrimage to Ireland and England that was utterly life-changing for me, I tuned into myself as a woman and spiritual teacher in a new way. This was such a powerful experience that I wanted to create a new offering for those of you longing to connect more deeply to your intuition, knowledge, and magic. It is such a great joy to guide my students in understanding the immense power they hold - and how deeply intuitive you truly are.

This new offering builds on my original Mastering Your Intuition 12-week course, but goes even deeper into healing as a woman, trusting yourself, and living your unique version of magic. 

This course is FOR YOU if...

  • You long to trust yourself more deeply, but you frequently find yourself looking to others for guidance, answers or validation

  • You hear the whisper of your intuition...but are scared to follow its guidance

  • You feel so overwhelmed on the inside that you aren’t sure how to create lasting change

  • Life feels stuck and monotonous, and you’re longing for something bigger and more fulfilling to ignite your passion again

  • You know deep down that you’re wildly powerful - but you’re struggling to find your confidence and aren’t sure how to access your power

  • You secretly worry what owning your power might change in your life - even though you can’t stand the idea of things just staying the same much longer...

Owning Your Power and Living Your Magic as a Woman is a new six-month course that will be beginning right after the Fall Equinox on Wed Oct  2nd  and run through the Spring Equinox on March 26, 2025. We will gather twice per month on Zoom I presume. Dates will be provided upon enrollment, Each class will be 2 hours on a Wed starting at 7:00 PM PT. All sessions will be recorded so In addition to the core principles taught in my Master Your Intuition course  we will also explore the following topics:

  • Fully embodying your feminine energy

  • Dismantling societal conditioning around body image

  • Living in the world as a strong and spiritual woman

  • Healing trauma

  • Relationships - Align with yourself and watch your relationships flourish

  • Transmuting old, limiting beliefs that have shackled women throughout history

  • Trusting your powerful intuition

  • Strengthening a new and sovereign mindset

  • Deepening your self-love and self-respect

These are the Inutivie skills you will learn!

  • Expand Your Awareness

    •  Identify the Power of Your Different Chakras

    • Learn the Significance of Colors & Symbols in Your Energy Field

    • Explore the Various Types of Intuitive Gifts you Have and How to Use Them (ex. Clairvoyant, Clairsentient)

  • Refine Your Skills

    • Learn new Life Skills to Help you Navigate Challenges

    • Practice Meditation; Guided as well as Centering

    • Practice Chakra Grounding & Healing

    • Learn and Practice using your Clairvoyance Reading Auras!

    • Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

    • Tap into your healing guides

  • Discover Your Peace

    • Create Energetic Boundaries

    • Tap into & Engage Your Spirit Guides

    • Heal Emotional Pain & Places of Invalidation

    • Clear out Energy Chords and Stuck Energy

    • Reconnect to Source


There is nothing more empowering as a woman than realizing that YOU hold all the power and answers of the Universe inside’ve just been trained to forget. When we gather in safe, sacred and supportive community as women, we come to remember who we truly are, and decondition the limiting beliefs and stories that have kept us from embracing our full feminine power. Join us for a life-changing journey into yourself and the magic, power and wisdom that you hold.


The Ways of a Woman!
Own You Power/ Live your Magic!

Class is 659.00 Early Bird (until 8/30)
After 699.00
6 monthly payments of 125.00
Financial Assistance & Payment plans are available.
Please contact me for details!

If you'd like to register with 100.00  please click here

“I was already an experienced "Reader and Healer" when I was attracted to Cathleen's class. I learned so much from Cathleen's excellent teaching methods, her wisdom, and her knowledge.  Lasting friendships formed with kindred spirits is such an added bonus! I totally endorse Cathleen as a teacher as well as a beautifully gracious and Spiritual Healer. In deepest Gratitude and joy that I took her class!”

 - NM


"What a wonderful experience! Cathleen is a gifted teacher. I grew spiritually and emotionally so much. Learning how to read was a huge bonus on top of getting to know an amazing group of women that I know we will always be connected."  



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