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Image by Josh Hild

Intuition Training Level II

Refine Your Ability to Tap Into a Whole New Reality Designed to Serve You & Others

Have you ever felt the whisper of intuition but maybe feared listening too closely to its sound?

Perhaps you’ve shrugged it off, only later to discover that you should have followed the urge.  

Intuition is a sixth sense and skill that can be learned and strengthened with practice. Without the confidence to rely on this important sense, we are prone to experience profound self-doubt, confusion, and uncertainty. We may feel conflicted, invalidated, powerless, and overwhelmed. 


The Mastering Intuition Course is designed to help you cultivate that inner intuitive wisdom to bring more certainty, confidence, and stability into your life. This 12-week course meets once a week for two hours and includes both traditional and experiential learning forms. Throughout the course, you will gain a basic understanding of how best to tap into your own natural clairvoyant intuition. Through in-class and out-of-class pairings, you’ll practice these skills to build confidence in your own innate ability to draw critical information out of the intuitive realm. You’ll learn several different forms of reading, energy clearing, and healings to use on both yourself and others. You’ll learn tools and techniques to tap into auras, energy fields, and spirit guides all of which are designed to help you and others along on life’s journey. 

Enroll in The Mastering Intuition Course To: 


Expand Your Awareness

  • Identify the Power of Your Different Chakra Energies

  • Recognize Vibrational Fields in Your Own Body

  • Learn the Significance of Colors & Symbols in Spontaneous Visualization

  • Discover the Balance of Creative & Destructive Energies

  • Explore the Various Types of Clairvoyance & Mediumship


Refine Your Skills

  • Tap into Inner Body Versus Outer Body Wisdom

  • Practice Chakra Grounding & Healing 

  • Learn & Practice the 7-Stage Reading System 

  • Perform 7-Aura Readings 

  • Develop Confidence in Reading through Practice


Discover Your Peace

  • Create Energetic Boundaries

  • Tap into & Engage Your Spirit Guides

  • Heal Emotional Pain & Places of Invalidation

  • Clear out Chord Chakras and Stuck Energy


Build Your Confidence

  • Work through Blocks

  • Stay out of Effort

  • Deal with Doubt

  • Cope with Imposter Syndrome

“I was already an experienced "Reader and Healer" when I was attracted to Cathleen's class. I learned so much from Cathleen's excellent teaching methods, her wisdom, and her knowledge.  Lasting friendships formed with kindred spirits is such an added bonus! I totally endorse Cathleen as a teacher as well as a beautifully gracious and Spiritual Healer. In deepest Gratitude and joy that I took her class!”

 - NM


"What a wonderful experience! Cathleen is a gifted teacher. I grew spiritually and emotionally so much. Learning how to read was a huge bonus on top of getting to know an amazing group of women that I know we will always be connected."  



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