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Readings & Special Packages

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This session will provide lots of information and opportunities for deep healing.  Each layer of your aura has a specific level of information you have access to use in different areas of your life. I will psychically focus on these seven levels, offering you feedback about patterns and situations and how you’re using your energy/information in your life. I also look to see if specific energies may be acting as a block in certain areas of your life.  


This is a great opportunity to reset and recharge!


My readings have been described as validating and life-changing!

One Hour Session - $175.00

One 1/2 Hour Session - $90.00

Enjoying Nature

The Wellness Series

Feeling out of sorts or a bit off? This 3 session reading package is the perfect solution to give you the tune-up you need on a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level."

Session 1: Tapping Into Your Body's Healing Energy     


Session 2: Enhancing Your Mental and Emotional Health


Session 3: Refining Your Spiritual Wellbeing

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Happy & Healthy Relationships 

Relationships are big topics for my clients! In this 4 session package, we will explore, heal and nurture various levels of relationships in your life. Your specific questions and deeper healing work are included in each session.

Session 1: Loving Yourself

Session 2: Intimate Relationships


Session 3: Friends and coworkers


Session 4: Family


"I met Cathleen a few years ago. She has a healing touch with clearing out your aura and chakras. Her healing helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She taught me useful tools in meditation and holistic healing which I use daily. I highly recommend working with Cathleen"


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