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Monika Stefanac

Conscious Business Mentor

phone # (458) 202-9759


About Monica

Monika Stefanac is a highly skilled and empathetic intuitive energy healer, Massage Therapist, and a Conscious Business Mentor bringing a holistic approach to personal transformation and financial well-being. With a deep understanding of spiritual principles and their practical applications in the world of finance, Monika specializes in guiding individuals to release financial blockages, heal their relationship with money, and step into abundance.


With a deep commitment to empowering individuals on their journey toward financial literacy and self-sufficiency, Monika shares her enthusiasm and knowledge to support others in reclaiming their power and innate ability to create abundance.


Drawing from her personal experience and the tools that have facilitated her own growth, Monika's transformative workshops and classes guide individuals in developing healthy financial habits, overcoming limiting beliefs, and fostering a balanced approach to wealth creation.


Her passion for teaching and commitment to her clients' success make her an inspiring and impactful guide on the journey to abundance. Monika firmly believes that true financial prosperity begins with a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Her unique combination of body whispering, spiritual wisdom and financial know-how offers an empowering path for those seeking to align their purpose with their finances and create a thriving, abundant present and future.

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