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Cathleen Hylton


The readings, healings, and teachings I offer

are here to help you as they helped me; 

To understand your spirituality and 

create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

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Hello! Thanks for Stopping By!

I’m passionate about my offerings because living with the information I’ve learned has helped me so much.  I love to share it and help others. It is a joy to see my students and clients tap into their own healing powers and intuition!


I’m a sensitive, and most of the people I run across are as well.  Sensitive means that you can feel energy very clearly. Things like the energy on the planet, the current political climate, how people feel around you when you are shopping, and how your family feels. So much of what you feel each day is not your own. Part of the pattern of a sensitive is we feel like we need to fix it and heal all the things we feel.  This causes so much unnecessary struggle.

For the first part of my life, I had no idea about all this. I was a highly reactionary person; I was angry a lot because I would carry around others' pain and I’d get frustrated because I had no idea what was going on inside or how to get free. Then I’d beat myself up all the time for feeling this way. I learned to use alcohol to manage how I feel. I was so sensitive I would get locked down around people, super self-conscious and shy, and I had trouble speaking to people. I found when I was drunk, I could free flow and talk, etc. Unfortunately, at a young age that led to a lot of addiction.


Anyway, once I started to understand my abilities, that I’m sensitive and a psychic woman, life started to make sense, I was able to stop drinking and start to figure out who I am as a woman in this world.   I’m here to tell you that you can have an amazing life and learn to use your abilities for yourself. Your intuitive gifts are there for you to be able to see clearly, understand your spirituality and have peace in your heart among other things.

People ask me how they can have better boundaries and function more effectively.


First off, I tell them to tune into their higher power, our Creator. Start the conversations internally and ask for help and guidance. Your life path will take you to the right place and the right people. It’s an act of turning your life over to a higher power or the Holy Spirit. It's not hard, its a decision to look to your Divine information for your answers


There are many great teachers and readers out there who can help, but you have to commit to yourself to heal and go through the growth needed to gain strength and understanding. There is no reason you cannot have a complete understanding of yourself and your life!


I have a lot to offer to help as I've been reading and teaching for over 30 years. Your your intuition may guide you to work with me. I hope so! If not, I send blessings to you on your path to find your way!

Call 510-220-2241 for a free consultation

Here is what my students say:

Cathleen is the real deal. I am admittedly a very analytical and skeptical person when it comes to any kind of psychic reading, but Cathleen proved to me that she truly has a unique ability to tap into her intuition and reveal to you exactly what is going on. After receiving two life-changing readings from her, I joined her intuition class and was blown away by what I discovered about myself and my own innate abilities. Cathleen also has a very warm, welcoming, and grounding presence that made me feel like I could really trust her. She is the embodiment of the "wise sage" archetype!


"Working with Cathleen was a wonderful privilege. Throughout all my interactions with Cathleen, I felt surrounded by love. In the session, Cathleen guided me into the spaces that were ready to be healed and released. Witnessing her intuitive knowing was not only personally validating, but also incredibly cathartic. Her grounded presence secured an atmosphere of safety and acceptance." 

- MB

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