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Happy & Healthy Relationships

A 4-Part Reading Series that Helps You Recreate Healthy Happy Relationships to Self & Others

Field of Flowers
Field of Flowers
Field of Flowers

Session 1: Loving Yourself

You want to learn about your soul mate, your twin soul, your forever person am I right? The truth is, until you learn how to have a loving, healthy relationship with yourself, you may experience effort in attracting your ideal partner! In this reading, I will shed light on the areas you’ve ‘fallen out of love' with yourself. I will uncover old  pockets of invalidation and stuck beliefs that may be supporting feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and not deserving love in your life. Do you resist your body? Are there parts of your body you dislike? If the answer is yes, I will help you release that foreign energy of invalidation. At the end of this session, you will be back at your true  vibration with love for yourself glowing strong.

Session 2: Intimate Relationships

Intimacy can be scary or uncomfortable for some individuals. This session we will explore the energies and the beliefs regarding your intimate experiences. If there are negative sexual encounters in your past I will help release the energy from your space that might be controlling or defining your sexuality today. Are you currently in a relationship? I will psychically read the contract, or agreement, between you and your partner and see if there are any third party energies between the two of you acting as interference. Step into a whole new vibration in your relationship space

Session 3: Friends and Coworkers

You can choose your friends and you might feel stuck with some of your coworkers. This session will help lift your perception on these relationships. Why are you friends with certain people? Do some of your friendships feel stuck in the past? Do you lose your sense of self when you’re with someone? Is there a coworker that rubs you the wrong way or vise versa? I’ll take a look to see if you’ve had a past life with any of these individuals and help you rise above any ‘karmic debt’ beliefs you might be holding onto. Once you are focused and centered once again on spirit, you’ll have a brand new perspective on these levels of relationships.

Session 4: Family

Do you ever feel like you were born into the wrong family? Do you get along with some of your family members but not all? When you think of your parents you feel…. what?  This is a fantastic reading that will allow you to understand who you are and the role you play in your personal family constellation. Regardless of the type of upbringing, there is a specific reason and purpose you chose to start life with these people. At the end of this session, you will have a more grounded sense of self with compassion and understanding of the past.

Field of Flowers
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