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The Wellness Series

A 3-Part Reading Series Designed to Foster Health & Wellness

Field of Flowers

Session One: Harnessing Your Body’s Healing Energy

To heal is to create positive change within yourself. In this first session I will clairvoyantly look at how you are using your natural healing energies in your physical body. I will see what might be preventing you from owning your own ability to heal and where/when did you lose your seniority to be able to create positive change? You will be introduced to who you are as a spiritual being to embrace the concept; heal the spirit and the spirit will heal its body. I will facilitate deeper healing on request. You’ll love how you feel more in-tune and present by the end of this session!"


Session Two: Your Mental and Emotional Health

Every time you think a thought it creates a feeling in your body. In this reading session I will look at the emotional patterns that have been created based on the quality of your thoughts. I will help you to discern the difference between your own thoughts and feelings to that of other people. Are you an empath? I will offer feedback as to the emotional energies you have ‘taken on’ or ‘matched’ from other people and help you release the foreign energies affecting your positive emotions from flowing. Enjoy the after-glow of being centered, calm and present in your body!"

Session 3: Your Spiritual Well Being


In this third and final session you will hear all about who you are as a spiritual being living life in a body. Do you carry anger, sadness or confusion from a pastime experience in a church or specific denomination? This reading will help clear away any invalidation or confusion about who you are and your version of Source. When a spirit receives a direct ‘Hello’, miracles can happen. You will have an in-the-body experience with a deeper appreciation for your physical body, your temple on earth this lifetime!

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