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The path to healing!

Forgiveness has been on my mind a lot these days. Throughout our lives, it is a given that we will get hurt or wronged. The key in life is what do we do when we get hurt? The choice is to hate or resent the person that hurt you or to forgive them. I’ve found the more I’ve opened up and loved someone, whether it be in an intimate relationship, a working relationship, or a friendship, the more it hurts when something goes wrong. So ouch!! I’ve had some broken hearts because I love to love people. Does this sound familiar? Forgiveness seems unattainable sometimes. The pain and anger keep coming up; we sometimes want to see those who hurt us get hurt. This is all normal and nothing to be hard on yourself about. I’ve found the key is to decide to forgive regardless of how I feel, that starts the process. Just like any loss, when you are hurt there is a grieving process. I’ve found it is important, to be honest with myself as I go through it. It’s the decision that will take you on the path to healing; it is a magical process. Your heart gets lighter; you may start to feel love again towards that person or persons. Don’t get discouraged if, during the process, a wave of anger or hurt comes up; just acknowledge it and say to yourself, I choose to forgive. That will help me move through it.

Something else that helps is to wish them well when they come to mind. It can be hard but will help the process too! The power of forgiveness is Divine and a gift from Our Creator. It is important to lean on that relationship for this healing. Know that you are loved and not alone. Close your eyes and breathe; ask for help and you will receive it.



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