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Wonderous stories

In preparation for the Equinox sound bath with Kevin Kraft, I chose the song "Wonderous Stories" By Yes as the song I'll perform after the Soundbath, leading to the meditation. I've always felt Jon Anderson from Yes had many experiences in Spirit as his lyrics often speak of them. The main lyrics of this song have to do with hearing wonderous stories. This song is perfect for the Equinox celebration with the topic of Abundance! My prayer for all is that we have wonderous stories to tell

I have a wonderous story of my own. My life is amazing and I feel so very blessed. I have a wonderful marriage, lots of friends, and very prosperous. The journey here was through many trials and tribulations, sometimes feeling like I was in the depths of hell. Most people don't know the details of my past and how much I've been through, I keep a lot to myself. My saving grace has been my faith, prayer, the strength our Creator has given me. This along with my spiritual gifts of meditation, reading, and teaching have completely turned my life around.

The funny thing is I've been terrified to speak of all my blessings out loud. Due to some of my life experiences, I still held distrust and a deep fear that if I shared all my blessings out loud, somehow I would lose them.

Currently, I'm co-teaching "Manifest Your Hearts Desires with Empowerment coach Liora Sponko. We have a great group of students and we are guiding them with coaching and energy work to manifest the life they dream of. Every time I teach a class I go through tremendous growth. I asked Liora to help me with this gripping fear I had about sharing all the blessings I had received. We met and because I have so much trust in her was able to open up and voice all the things that were causing this fear. In speaking them outload and with her guidance, I was freed from the fear.

I feel so much lighter and more able to be myself instead of feeling like I had to be on guard so much.

So I write this with the hope that if you are in pain, please find a trusted person to speak to about it and get some help. It is ok to be in pain, it is part of life you are not alone.

Please know there is God, the true spirit who loves us all so deeply, lean into that.

Also, I suggest to count your blessings. Even in the darkest parts of my life, I could see some blessings. There is always at least one thing to be thankful for:-)

If you love your life and have come through obstacles, I invite you to share your blessings with others as it will bring hope.

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